Corona to know

For your lessons outside and inside the studio

We are really overjoyed and thankful to all students who continued to support us during this difficult period. We open 1 july in accordance with all security measures and of course we also use our common sense and our heart. Below what you need to know, read it, you do that for everyone. And will soon become a habit that you no longer have to think about ūüėČ

Stay at home

At your teaching facility we will give you standard questions to ask yourself, and in the studios the teachers are obliged to ask you ‘triage questions’. We do not register this! See further on this page points / questions when you can not come to class.

Come to class

1. Go home before you go to class to the toilet, if you can.
2. Before and after class, wash your hands at home!
3. Come in your yoga clothes.
4. Please arrive on time due to keep the logistics around and to get on your mat. There is a 45 minute change time between all classes. We hope to be able to return to this for half an hour. So that we can offer you more teaching time.
5. Take with you:
– your own yoga mat and if possible your own props! Now is the perfect time to give this to yourself.
– 3 clean pillowcases: 1 for your jacket / bag, 2 for our props For some classes this is not feasible, such as Critical Alignment Yoga, or Aerial yoga and Restorative Yoga.
As a student you clean it yourself after your lesson. We provide cleaning agents and clean cloths.

In and around the studios

1. Avoid physical contact and always keep a distance of 1.5 meters inside and outside the building. We can greet each other with the namaste gesture.
2. Upon entering the studio, we ask you to clean your hands again. There is opportunity and gel with 80% alcohol for that.
3. After that, sit with your hands on your face as little as possible. The space of the dressing room and coat hooks is tight: put your coat and bag in a clean pillowcase, which you can put with your mat.
5. Report to the teacher to answer the ‘triage questions’.
6. Take the furthest place for your mat in the room. So we don’t have to move through each other’s space.
7. When leaving, first go the people closest to the door.
8. After class, leave the room and the building immediately.
9. If you unexpectedly have to pass each other: pause your breath, as a yogi you can of course do that very well ūüėČ and turn your face away.
10. If it does happen: cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow and don’t be embarrassed. Wash your yoga clothes at home ūüėČ and use paper handkerchiefs and throw them in the trash immediately after use. That is letting go.
11. Always follow the instructions of the teachers. In this way they try to make it as safe as possible for everyone.

Stay at home if

If one of the points is a ‘yes’ to you, it is not possible to participate in a lesson. Then do our online lessons at home.

1. You have one of the following (mild) complaints in the past 24 hours such as coughing, colds, fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell / taste. Do your housemates have a fever or shortness of breath): stay at home, this has disappeared for 24 hours, then you can come . Don’t worry, we will stay connected. Possibly through our online lessons.

2. You have a roommate with the above complaints.

3. You have tested positive for Covid-19 yourself, then stay at home until you are completely free of symptoms, and at least up to 7 days after the positive test.

4. You have a housemate / family member with the new coronavirus and you have had contact with him / her in the past 14 days while he / she still had complaints.

5. You are quarantined because you have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the new corona virus. After 2 weeks of quarantine is sufficient.