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Full Moon Sound Journey met Gonca van Herpen

12 oktober 2019 om 19:00 - 21:30


‘Release the old, create space,
plant new seeds, to manifest your dreams’

Take the beautiful journey with us, using the full moon energy through the healing power of sound and voice. With the full moon, it is time to release the old, create space and plant new seeds of intentions- healing, guidance, inspiration, abundance, a deeper understanding, a new you, manifest.

The event will include

* Putting our intentions.
*Sound Healing Meditation: Group toning to cleanse and balance our chakras & energy field.
* Sound Bath ***

***(Gonca mainly uses her voice and a variety of instruments: Tibetan bowls, crystal singing bowls, Shamanic drum, Native American flutes, tuning forks, tingsha bells, koshi chimes, etc.) She does channeled singing which means; singing and creating the frequencies according to the higher good & needs of the participants. Therefore, each sound bath is unique.

Benefits of Sound Healing

* Slows down the brain waves, pulse and blood pressure, which causes the person relax deeply
* Quiets the mind
* Relieves anxiety and stress
* Cleanses the energy field (aura) activates and balances your chakras.
* Activates grounding connection.
* Helps unlock the blocked emotions, releases the traumas.
* Strengthens the immune system.
* Synchronizes the hemispheres of the brain and re-balance the nerve system.
* Helps repairing and activating the DNA codes.
* Helps to obtain healing and self-transformation in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Things to bring

Please bring your new intentions.
During sound healing, your body temperature might drop, so wear loose, comfortable, warm clothes and socks.
Bring a bottle of water which will be cleansed and charged up during sound bath with high frequencies.
If you want , you can also bring a small object (crystal, shell, gem stone, etc.) to be cleared of negative energy and charged up with clear high frequencies.
No prior experience, or practise is required to participate, everyone welcome!

Inloop is vanaf 18.30 uur

The event will be in English (If needed translated in Dutch too).

**Please share the event with people who would be interested:)
Gonca Gürses van Herpen

Instagram: ggurses construction)

Over Gonca

Gonca Gürses van Herpenwas born in Munich, Germany. She had a BA in English teaching as a second language, then had a BM from İstanbul Mimar Sinan State Conservatory Performing Arts in Opera & Musicals. She performed at the Istanbul State Opera House. Apart from being a singer, she worked as an English, music, drama, dance, singing and Turkish Culture and Language teacher in international schools.

Since 2002 she has been exercising different healing techniques:
(Reiki I,II.III., Healing with Gem Stones & Tuning forks, Kundalini Reiki I.II., Kwan Yin, Silver Violet Flame, Ra-Sheeba I & Master, Full Spectrum Healing, Golden Triangle, Orb of Life, Isis Blue Moon, Holly Grail, Medicine Wheel, Munay-Ki, The Rite of the Womb, Shamballa,etc). After long years studies in many seminars, sessions and research, she has gathered all this knowledge and created her own technique.

In 2006, she studied the healing power of the human voice “Sound Healing” technique with Jonathan Goldman, Laraaji, Sarah Benson and Gregg Braden in Boulder, Denver, Colorado and received a sound healer certificate. On February 14th, sound healers join with their gatherings from all around the World under the guidance of Jonathan Goldman for “World Sound Healing Day”, she joins this day every year from Istanbul and now from Netherlands. She recently moved from İstanbul to Eemnes with her husband and daughter.  She continues giving sound healing individual and group therapies, workshops, performing, singing and doing vocal improvisation, over toning, vocal coaching and learning…

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12 oktober 2019
19:00 - 21:30


Achtergracht 16
Weesp, 1381BN Nederland