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Deep work with Advanced Total Yoga Nidra with Nirlipta Tuli

16 augustus om 11:00 - 18 augustus om 18:00

Global Flow is offering a two weekend long event with Nirlipta Tuli

Before we can help others, we must be able to help ourselves.

This is both a unique and an unusual course, borne out of my experiences and understandings of taking care of myself through interesting times, of living a meaningful life, and of having a purpose that can be shared in some profound way with others. I created it from scratch. No one else does this. It is rooted in my approach to yoga nidra which I consider to be an evolving construct.

The purpose of this course is not to have new techniques to teach. The purpose is to do deep work on ourselves in a deep and direct fashion (hence an emphasis on deep nidra relaxation and healing rest, where we can go to the heart of the matter) so that we are able to make a better job of doing whatever we decide is the reason for being here on the planet, living the life that we do.

We will look at taking care of ourselves in ways which are deep-seated, wholehearted, serious and weighty. This deep work over six days is sustained, intense, profound and transformative. For most, it will take some considerable time to process and truly sink in.

If we can’t take care of ourselves, what substance will there be to offer to others? This course is for those of us who want to create meaningful change in our lives, to live lives that are satisfying, to be good at what we do, to consider why we’re here, what we’re doing and whether the way that we do so is worth it. If it is, then these six days facilitates being better on that path, and if it isn’t, then they explore why it isn’t and what can be done about it. This isn’t about short cuts, quick fixes or instant cures. It isn’t another training to add to our repertoire. It’s so much more than that.  It’s about deep core work and looking, really looking at ourselves without glamour or prettying up what is there. It’s about working with who we are and moving on with that which is pragmatic, practical and effective. It’s about learning what it is that we’re good at, how to be able to be good at what that might be and doing what works and enabling ourselves to do so. It’s about connecting with the healing and rest that we need to be able to be good at anything.

This sustained, persistent and determined nidra-effort is what Nirlipta believes makes things come about. These six days work towards making that possible.

Trance is key

Why trance? Because, this enables us to look clearly and lucidly at who we are, why we’re doing what we’re doing in our lives and at how well that serves us. It allows us to explore what changes of substance may be made, at how feasible that is and at to let the narratives that we live our lives by be ones that are right for us. It allows us to engage in a meaningful dialogue with our deeper selves to know what the heart of the matter with us is whereby conscious and unconscious can come together and be one.

The path with heart that we live our lives by

It’s actually quite straightforward, how we live our lives. To some degree, people tell themselves a story and live their lives accordingly. Mostly though, it seems that they end up in life journeys that often don’t seem quite right and it’s as if they can see or sense another path in the distance, maybe nearby or parallel to the life they lead, that they feel they should be on, and they’re not.

This course is about finding out through a sustained and persistent use of very focussed trance where is good for us to be, and to facilitate how to get there.

We start with healing and rest. Before changes of substance can be made there needs to be a place of solace, of healing and of rest. We do this course with fresh and open eyes, like a child’s where possibility is everywhere, yet still being aware of how things are and without rationalizing up is down.

We are offered the possibility of transformational change here. For some, it is more than enough simply to be able to take care of themselves, to rest and to heal. For others, being able to see and understand intuitively why they are where they are and what possibilities are open to them is something quite profound. This course travels down both of the two paths mentioned here.

The caveat

As mentioned above deep work over six days is sustained, intense, profound and transformative. For most, it will take some considerable time for what is experienced to process and truly sink in. Those who do the six days are asked not to share the practices with others. It’s likely to be too much, too intense and too deep for most people. This most definitely isn’t a course for learning how to do the things in it with others. It is, most explicitly about how to take care of oneself as an individual in profound and meaningful ways and on many levels.

This is work for oneself. It isn’t about learning something and teaching it to others. That way, for most people, lie varying degrees of danger. This is deep transformational work for oneself.

The six days are run in such a way that we are able to decide for ourselves what is best for us. There is no need to share insights, although there is an ongoing dialogue throughout the six days. Privacy is respected. These six days are about process, not content.

This isn’t a course with much in the way of filler. It is intense. Intensely relaxing, healing, enquiring and satisfying. There are practices, expositions of the how and the why of them, directions for using them both during the six days and afterward and discussion individually with me and within the group. Each person within the group will have their own insights and paths to traverse. There is not one way for everyone and the teaching reflects this. Individuals will be encouraged to follow that which is right for them.

There is not much emphasis on the bendy stretching aspects of yoga. It’s in the mind, actively and in the body, more passively that these six days will focus on. Below are some of the areas which will be explored. Nirlipta is happy to answer queries about the course for those who are curiously considering it.


Part 1: 22 – 24 June (Saturday – Monday)
Part 2: 16-18 August (Friday – Sunday)
TEACHER: Nirlipta Tuli
LOCATION: YogaToday, Achtergracht 16A, 1381 BN Amsterdam – Weesp
SCHEDULE: Daily: 11:00 – 18:00 hrs

36 teaching hours

Only Part1 or Part 2: €599 (Early bird price €524)
Complete Training: €1099 (Early bird price €949)

Early bird discount of €150,- for the full training and €75 for one part of the training is available for the first 15 registrations with full payment before:
1 April 2019 for part1 only.
15 June 2019 for part 2 only or the entire training.

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16 augustus om 11:00
18 augustus om 18:00


Achtergracht 16
Weesp, 1381BN Nederland
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