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Total Yoga Nidra Immersion with Uma Dinsmore Tuli

22 februari om 10:00 - 23 februari om 17:00

Global Flow presents:
Total Yoga Nidra Immersion with Uma Dinsmore Tuli
Comparative and creative forms of Yoga Nidra

Awaken your consciousness of sleep and dream through the tantric practice of expanded awareness for lucid living. Become alive to the source of well-being, happiness, and purpose in every dimension of life.

We understand yoga nidra to be the most transformative, potent and remarkably adaptive of all yoga practices. Yoga nidra is in fact not really a single practice, but rather an experience of altered states of consciousness, essentially meditative experiences that can be used therapeutically for healing, as well as to enhance creativity and productivity and to improve sleep and general health.

The Total Yoga Nidra Immersion Experience is a self-contained and complete retreat style immersion (non-residential) open to anyone with an interest in experiencing Total Yoga Nidra. It is both a standalone weekend course that covers all the fundamentals of Total Yoga Nidra, as well as being a pre-requisite for moving on to the full Total Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator Training. The intention of this part of the course is to offer an accessible and profound immersion in the experience of Total Yoga Nidra, providing a perfect opportunity for those who have encountered other partial or limited forms of the practice to meet the full spectrum of approaches to yoga nidra.

Intensive Content & Highlights

A combination of theory and practice to give you a sound foundation (or to deepen your existing foundation) of understanding about what yoga nidra is in the broadest sense, and how it works, together with plenty of live, responsive and practical experiences of a full range of yoga nidra.

We will cover:

  • Welcome to Yoga Nidra

  • History and Development

  • Intentions, and How They Shape the Practice

  • Comparative Structures

  • Comparative Rotations of Consciousness

  • The Science of Yoga Nidra

  • The Philosophy of Yoga Nidra

  • Liminality & Creativity

  • Sleep, Memory & Dreams

  • Trance: Hypnosis & Yoga Nidra

  • Yoga Nidra as a Meditative Practice

  • Sankalpa

  • Sound, Yoga Nidra & Bhakti Yoga

  • Growing your Own Practice

​The course/retreat comprises 10 contact teaching hours, of which at least five hours are practical yoga nidra-experiences, plus there is optional personal listening homework of 20 minutes daily.


Early Bird Price €275
Regular Price €295
Early Bird price available for the first 20 bookings before 1 October 2019

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Global Flow – Yoga Events In Support of Global Change

Global Flow is a yoga event organisation founded by Suze Retera to initiate growth, joy, connection and a sustainable lifestyle that serves the individual as well as the collective and the planet. Global Flow does this by creating yoga retreats and intensives with international yoga teachers, that educate and inspire. Global Flow hosts many of the intensives at the beautiful YogaToday church.

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10 Hour of Teaching
Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 10:00 – 17:00


Uma Dinsmore Tuli

Uma has taught yoga thousands to hundreds of people, in every conceivable environment, from nursery schools, hospitals, and airports, to giant geodesic domes filled with yogis sheltering from wild storms at yoga festivals and gatherings. She has been sharing the technique with teachers from all lineages on Yoga Therapy training courses and retreats since 1999.

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Sivani Mata Francis will be assisting Uma during the training. Sivani has been using Yoga Nidra, the sublime practice of “yogic sleep” as a daily practice for many years now, and in April 2013 she completed the Total Yoga Nidra teacher training with Nirlipta Tuli and Uma Dinsmore Tuli …



22 februari om 10:00
23 februari om 17:00


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